Salesforce Consulting/ Implementation Partners

Our consulting partner benefits can drive value for your clients or your company. We offer either*1:

A 15% discount for your customers… a benefit for those customers to work with you. Or…

A 15% for your company… easy money for recommending a great product.

Who is eligible? Any Salesforce registered consulting partner.

How does your business register? Just fill out the Partner Application form <here>. We will reach out and send over a partnership agreement.

How do Partners get these benefits?

Just fill out the Partner Benefits form <here>.

If you are requesting a discount for your client, we will send over a coupon to be used at checkout.

If you are selecting to receive payment to your company, we process all payments within 30 days of client payment for our apps.

  1. On a client by client basis, registered Partners may select either passing the discount to their client or receiving payment to their company for each new subscriptions. Receiving the benefits for each customer requires submission of the Partners Benefit form. ↩︎